Natural Eucalyptus poles

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    Dimensions (Length x Diameter):

    • 3.95 m x 8 - 12 cm
    • 5.95 m x 8 - 12 cm
    • All size are avaiable as per clients' request

    Eucalyptus poles are used for a variety of purposes in construction and engineering. Some of the most common uses of eucalyptus poles include:

    • Fence posts: Eucalyptus poles are strong and durable, making them an excellent choice for fence posts. They can withstand heavy fencing materials and are resistant to decay and insect damage.
    • Electrical power line supports: Eucalyptus poles are often used as support structures for electrical power lines. They can provide a stable base for the lines and help prevent damage from weather events or falling debris.
    • Building construction: Eucalyptus poles can be used in the construction of buildings and other structures, particularly in load-bearing applications. Their strength and durability make them an excellent choice for supporting beams and other structural elements.
    • Bridges: Eucalyptus poles are also used in the construction of bridges, particularly in rural areas where the wood is readily available. They can provide a stable and durable support structure for the bridge deck.
    • Pergolas and outdoor structures: Eucalyptus poles are a popular choice for the construction of pergolas, outdoor decks, and other structures. They can add a natural and rustic feel to outdoor spaces while providing a durable and long-lasting support structure.

    Overall, eucalyptus poles are a versatile and durable material that can be used in a wide range of construction and engineering applications. Whether you are building a fence, constructing a building, or erecting a bridge, eucalyptus poles can provide a strong and reliable support structure that will last for years to come.

    This stick is generally sold in 3.95 meter height with thickness varying from 5cm on the top side and going upwards of 8-12cm for the bottom side. The sticks are widely used for roof and side wall coverings with most of our customers also using them for decorative purposes. We are able to provide full container loads of this stick which can usually accommodate around 1500-1700 sticks inside a 40ft High Cube Container.