About Us

Greenhouse Vietnam Import Export Co., Ltd is a company dedicated to promoting sustainable trade practices through the import and export of various products. With a focus on preserving the environment, the company strives to source products from suppliers that align with their values, and deliver high-quality goods to customers around the world. The company's commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices sets it apart in the industry, making it a trusted partner for individuals and organizations alike.

We work with a consortium of farmers, growers and factories that primarily deal with wooden sticks, bamboo sticks and snow white pebbles based in all parts of Vietnam. We have been in operation for just over 2 years with experience of sourcing the above items from Vietnam at very competitive rates for our clientele.

We understand your apprehension in starting business with an import and export company, but rest assured that you will receive the product you have asked for as we are not only looking to build long lasting partner relationships with our customers, but also add value to their operations by helping them source all kinds of items they might require that Vietnam as a country can provide. For further proof you are welcome to visit Vietnam at any time where we will happily take you to see the factory and area of loading for your goods as well as inspection reports if you need for your items.

We currently have clients based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to whom we have shipped a number of containers for wooden sticks, eucalyptus sticks, bamboo sticks and rubber products. We will give you a hands on experience with regular updates to the status of your orders with us to ensure you can make timely decisions.


    1. Bamboo Sticks – These are natural bamboo sticks that are cleaned, dried, straightened, polished, fumigated and pesticide applied for use in plant support as well as wall/structure support. Available in any size that is required with most common sizes being 1.20m height x 12/14mm diameter going upwards to 4.00m height x 35/40mm diameter.

    2. Wooden Sticks – these are natural wooden sticks that are native to Vietnam. Available in sizes right from 1.00m height going upto 4.00m height with diameter of upto 4 inches. These sticks are used for structural support and also for burning purposes during camp fires.

    3. Eucalyptus Sticks – these are widely grown all over Vietnam that are available in sizes right from 1.00m height going upto 4.00m height with diameter of upto 4 inches. These sticks are used for structural support mostly. 


    4.  Pebbles - With our direct factory linkage we are able to provide snow white pebbles ranging in size from 1-2cm dia going upwards to 5-8cm in varying bag sizes right from 5kg, 10kg and 20kg bag options. A 20ft container can accommodate 1400 bags in varying sizes with the most common sizes 1-2cm, 2-4cm, 3-5cm and 5-8cm. The pebbles are used for landscape decoration and even interior decoration.

Reliability – we are here for our customers round the clock with our ability to provide you solutions to help add value to your business. Hence we guarantee to come back to you within 24 hours of your enquiry or even quicker if possible.

Integrity – once we have come to an agreement, our product shall be delivered to you within the timeline stipulated pending unforeseeable circumstances. We will endeavor to deliver our products to you before the date specified.

Competitive Pricing – Ability to provide very competitive pricing not just for the first deal, but all future dealings as we want to be your long term partners in business. 

Solution Providers – is there an item you need, but find it difficult to find in the current market? Let us know and we will try our best to source it for you.'